Frequently asked questions

How long does each candle burn?

Each candle burns for 48-72 hours.

Why are the pillows so exspensive?

They are carefully hand picked fabrics, cut and designed by hand. Then Sewn by hand. The craftsmenship and time put into creating each is well worth the price.

Can you wash the pillows?

Yes they come with a zipper. The inside stuffing is removable. Once removed you can wipe down the outside with each fabrics' material cleaner. Then wash the inside stuffing as you would your delicates.

Are the Virtual design services really worth it?

Yes. customers and clients have the option of getting the in person experience for a small fraction of what it would normally cost yourself or any other designer to bring your visions to life.

Does the CBD infused Products really help the home's health or the people in it?


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