The Signature Home Body Collection

This Signature Collection means so much to me for this to be my Brands first Signature Collection product wise. 


And its because I  Loved the idea of showing people through design + décor that being a homebody is not a social title but a lifestyle anyone can embody. I truly think sometimes people get what it really means to be a Home Body confused with some sort of social standing. + I'm here to tell you that is not the case. Being someone who is constantly called that, I've grown to discover I am much more than what society deems a "Homebody" anyways.  + so are you! If you really embrace what you love most about it, you'll find comfort in that. Enough comfort to embody it. And use it as a life tool. As you would any foundational tool. You create + or stabilize with it.

Foundation, Self love, + creating self luxury is found in the temple in you and the one you build around you. Homebody Embodiment is me coming into myself as a Woman, MOM, + Boss A** Designer. 


The Beauty behind The Home-Body is the nourished Foundation. For your roots are surely planted firmly if

the "Home-Body" is designed purely + freely. 

Like the "Home- Body"; No matter how you reconstruct or Redesign YOU, the solid core (foundation) will stay the same.


Please Enjoy The Homebody in you,

with us. 

- Love DesignsbyBLONDE


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