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Our Story  ;  Designs by Blonde was created by a Blonde  Mom who happens to be an   Entrepreneur.  Who goes by the name  Nicole Collins. She does so much  in the home that her natural "Home Body"  gifts when it comes to all things design + décor in the home almost went unnoticed.   But Thanks to the start of COVID19, She was able to fully surrender and delve into her true passions again and start fulfilling one of her dreams she thought wouldn't come any time soon. And That is what we are all about here at Designs by Blonde Interior Design Studios, Finding the  luxury in your space and the people in it, year round.


What we aim to do is all about maximizing your spaces in every way possible. Not only do I maximize your home space and property space , I can bring a breath of fresh air to your space just by furniture placement, declutter and organization. Making it just as beautiful, clean, and sleek.  What we aim to do with brands and other developers or designers is build a New Aged Design + Décor Community that better fits this New Renaissance Era. With hopes of collaborating authentically + organically to make each project distinct and notable.

Our Mission is to showcase + teach people how to embody the true beauty + class behind any space through design and Décor. Which is the Essence of a healthy Lifestyle. 

- with Love, DBB.

About The Signature Home Body Collection

- with Love, DesignsbyBLONDE

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